Unbreakable aquarium with LED Ø 25 x 30 cm

Unbreakable aquarium with LED Ø 25 x 30 cm

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A beautiful unbreakable aquarium for keeping fish or as an eye-catcher in any interior.

With “by Caryl” you have a special aquarium at home. The aquarium is made of polycarbonate and has the property that it is the strongest plastic on the market. It's only ran 250x stronger and 2x lights than glass of the same thickness.

The supplied air pump ensures that there is always enough oxygen in your aquarium. The aquarium filter captures dirt and suspended matter particles from the water and ensures that the water remains clear.

The aquarium would be equipped with a bamboo platform with LED lighting. The lamp is charged over white, blue and white in pairs, led lighting, withered with a switch in glittering light. It is also a timer function of 3, 6 or 9 hours.

Total size: Ø 26 x 52 cm

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